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We are Max Home Cash.

We are a real estate company that offers a fast and hassle-free solution for property owners looking to sell. Our goal is to make you a fair cash offer and close the sale at your convenience.

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About Max Home Cash.

Since house sellers typically have three options when trying to sell their property – listing, trying it yourself or sitting tight hoping it will sell itself – Max Home Cash saw an opportunity in local real estate market for owners who do not wish (or cannot) sell through traditional channels with agents.

At Max Home Cash, our goal is to find win-win solutions to help homeowners in tough situations. Need to sell your house fast? We’ve got you covered. Our focus is to find solutions tailored specifically to you so you can continue living life the way you’d like!

Max Home Cash is one of the top real estate solution companies in the United States. We are dedicated to finding solutions for homeowners like yourself who face real estate-related difficulties, whether foreclosure is involved, property is unsellable or just need a fast house sale – Max Home Cash is here for you.


Jeremy Rexford, Director of Project Management at Max Home Cash - instant home offers

Jeremy Rexford. Jeremy is a seasoned professional revered in the home construction arena. With over 20 years under his belt, he has masterfully overseen a myriad of residential and commercial builds. Jeremy’s signature? On-time delivery, staying within budget, and an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality. In the construction labyrinth, Jeremy’s expertise shines as he manages projects of all scales, solidifying our reputation for reliability, skill, and unparalleled precision.

Understanding the essence of clear dialogue and collaboration in the construction sphere, Jeremy actively partners with clients, ensuring their vision becomes a built reality. Alongside his hands-on expertise, Jeremy proudly holds a business degree from The Ohio State University and boasts a background in corporate finance. For those in the home construction world, he’s the go-to for impeccable execution and visionary leadership.

Justin Jones Max Home Cash

Justin Jones. Justin stands at the forefront, embodying the leadership and foresight required in navigating the intricate landscape of property sales. Understanding the sentiment attached to every brick and corner, Justin is devoted to providing authentic and rewarding opportunities for each seller.

His journey in the field has seen him empower numerous sellers towards deals that honor the true value of their homes. Approachable, understanding, and deeply committed, Justin’s primary goal is to ensure that every transaction feels right at home with your expectations.

Elizabeth Davis, Senior Relationship Manager at Max Home Cash

Elizabeth Davis. Boasting over a decade in the real estate sector, Elizabeth possesses a profound grasp of the market dynamics and a knack for sealing deals. Her expertise spans across residential and multi-family dealings.

Elizabeth’s reputation is built on her relentless drive, innovative problem-solving capabilities, and her commitment to securing the best outcomes for her clientele. Her hands-on, client-focused approach guarantees that every deal receives unparalleled professionalism and meticulousness. Whether it’s representing tenants, overseeing projects, or navigating real estate purchases and sales, Elizabeth adeptly tailors her proficiency to resonate with each client’s distinct requirements. At the heart of her work ethos is the intent to forge lasting bonds rooted in trust, openness, and undeniable results.

How we work with homeowners.

If you have any questions about our process for helping you sell a house quickly and for a fair cash amount or if you want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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