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Stop foreclosure with an all-cash sale in as little as two weeks.

Let us buy your house before it’s gone.

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Over 1.6 million homeowners in the United States sought financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic through the government’s mortgage forbearance program. However, as the plan ended, many are now looking to sell their house to avoid foreclosure. Luckily, Max Home Cash provides tailored solutions for these messy situations.

If you’re facing possible foreclosure, Max Home Cash may be able to help with a fast, all-cash offer. We can close quickly, sometimes as fast as two weeks .

Do not lose the equity that has been invested in your home if it becomes foreclosed. With the end of the federal ban on foreclosures, millions of American are at risk of losing their properties. Many homeowners require traditional assistance services but do not have time or resources to do this themselves; and therefore traditional services cannot help them to prevent losing their home.

Are you facing eviction from the bank? Max Home Cash can help.

Reach out now if you want to stay afloat financially and avoid foreclosure and its financial setbacks! Reach out quickly – time is of the essence. One of our local specialists will reach out directly with an offer to purchase “as is”, without the need for repairs, renovation or cleanup costs.

Has the value of your home increased since taking out your mortgage? Our offer may help cover debts, repay lenders, stop pre-foreclosure or foreclosure proceedings from proceeding further if still own your property. You could potentially stop the banks in their tracks today!

Selling your house can be stressful, and foreclosure makes it even harder. We are here to help. If your house is pending foreclosure, sell your house for cash and take back your peace of mind.

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Home prices across the nation have seen substantial appreciation over recent years, making selling your pre-foreclosure property an effective strategy to take advantage of increased equity in it.

If your still in mortgage forbearance or pre-foreclosure, there might still be time to take action.

We may be able to help you avoid short sale by purchasing your house directly for cash – saving it from foreclosure and returning cash directly back into your pockets.

Our local home experts will guide you through our offer process and determine if we can purchase your house and help pay off your debts before the bank takes any action.

Making contact with our local property experts to discuss your specific situation is the first step to turning over a new leaf. It can be hard to acquire your home if its value is lower than the mortgage. However, many markets are seeing home values increase – which may narrow the gap between your equity and the debt.

Stop the banks by acting now and acting decisively!

Our local home buyers are experts in your market and can quickly provide answers about market conditions, the home buying process and which homes they will buy. Contact us now and receive answers to all of your queries!

Selling a house can be stressful, and foreclosure makes the experience all the harder. That is why we are here: let us buy your property quickly for cash so you can turn over a new leaf.

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Yes. Selling directly to Max Home Cash can actually improve your credit. Requesting the lender to report as “paid in full” instead of going through the full foreclosure process is a much better path.

Your credit may become impaired the longer you stay in forbearance and miss payments. Should you find yourself unable to catch up, you should sell your house as soon as possible. The sooner you do so, the sooner you’ll be able to protect both your current and future credit scores.

Are your mortgage payments past due? Reach out now, as our local home experts may help identify options before the bank takes additional action!

Selling a house can be stressful, and foreclosure only compounds that stress. We want to make selling easier; let us quickly buy it for cash so you can regain peace of mind.

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