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House in Kansas

We buy houses for cash in Kansas.

Sell your Kansas house fast, and in any condition. Close in 14 days.

No banks. No Kansas realtors. 0 days on market.

No fees. No commissions. No repairs.

Get an instant cash offer. 100% FREE

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Don’t just sell your house to anyone.

We are different than most home cash buyers in Kansas.

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We do not price haggle and are committed to keeping our promises. We’ve helped thousands of Kansas homeowners like you with many different situations they were facing. We value each seller’s uniqueness and work diligently to create the best solution for each customer.

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Our local Kansas property expert will give you a free, no-obligation consultation. Tell us about your house. We’ll get to work today analyzing your property.

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You sell to us directly. We’ll make you a fair all cash offer based on the market value and condition. No hidden fees, no repairs, no commissions.

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Avoid the hassle of showings and open houses. You choose the closing date that works best for you. We’ll adapt to your schedule. It’s that simple.

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To sellers, the appeal of a cash offer is that there’s less risk of the deal falling apart and they usually close faster than a mortgage-contingent offer, said Arlene Gonnella, an agent with Weichert Realtors in Short Hills, New Jersey.

All-cash offers are king in this hysterical real estate market. Here’s what you need to know.

By Anna Bahney, CNN Business

Max Home Cash is one of the most reputable and trusted real estate investment companies that buys Kansas properties from sellers like you looking for a fast and haggle-free sales process. We have purchased houses as low as $10,000 all the way up to $3,000,000. By having so much experience and diversity within our company, we understand the language of the people and we know the Kansas neighborhoods well. Simply put, we’ve done our homework. Connect with us if you need to sell your house fast or simply just want to talk.

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Amy Lin

I have been in real estate for over 20 years and I cannot say enough good things about this company. They are very knowledgeable and at a very high level. They understand Real Estate, the market, building costs, appraisals, and everything required for seamless transactions. I will continue to do business with Max Home Cash because they are trustworthy, ethical and experienced.

– Amy Lin

Henderson, NV

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Simply put, we know our customers love simplicity and transparency. Not only do we deliver results, we do so quickly. If your ready to move on with your life, contact us and tell us about your property, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Any issues.

Any condition.

Any circumstances.

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Sell your Kansas house fast to Max Home Cash.

Same day cash offers. You choose your closing day.

Zero fees. Zero commissions. No closing costs.

No showings – No price haggling.

We cover all of your repairs.

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The slow way.

List your house with a Kansas real estate agent.

It typically takes months to sell your house.

Fees and commissions add up. Don’t forget closing costs.

Too many showings interrupting your life.

Most times you need to pay for repairs in order to sell.

100% FREE

Sell your Kansas house for all cash with us! We purchase all property types; single family house, multi-family, condo, or duplex. Max Home Cash will make a haggle-free cash offer to purchase your house “as is.” Unlike other Kansas home buyers, our offers doesn’t come with any hidden fees. When you want a fast cash offer that you can trust, call Max Home Cash.

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We pay all cash.
No banks!

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We take care of the repairs. We buy houses “as is.”

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We can close in as little as 2 weeks.

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Dylan Peters

Selling my land to Max Home Cash was quite an experience! From the moment we connected, his professionalism and straightforward approach impressed me. Justin offered a great cash deal for my 12 acres. He took into account its value and without any hidden fees or last-minute surprises. What truly stood out was his commitment to making this process convenient for me and my family. He understood that I didn’t want to deal with the usual hassles of showings and negotiations, so he streamlined everything. Not to mention, he allowed me to choose the closing date that suited me best, which made the entire experience stress-free. If you’re considering selling your land for cash and want a trustworthy and efficient buyer, Max Home Cash is the company. I’m beyond pleased with my experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a seamless land-selling process.

– Dylan Peters

Henderson, NV

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Need to stop foreclosure? If you’re facing possible foreclosure in Kansas, Max Home Cash may be able to help with a fast, all-cash offer. For years, Kansas homeowners like you have trusted our fair cash offers. We can close quickly, sometimes in as fast as two weeks . Our local Kansas property specialist are here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate! Act now before it’s too late by selling your house to us.

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If you’re looking to offload a property quickly without having to do any updates or renovations, a cash buyer – be it a franchise or independent investment company – may be the right choice.

A variety of companies and investors will pay cash fast for your home – is it the right choice for you.

By Devon Thorsby, Real Estate editor for U.S. News & World Report

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The starting point.
The first question you need to ask yourself when deciding whether to sell is, are tired of being a Kansas landlord. Being a Kansas landlord presents many pressures and sometimes the time commitment can be more than you bargained for. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the many responsibilities that come with owning real estate, it may be time you considered selling.

When it may be time to sell.
Weighing the pros and cons of being a landlord is very important when making a decision about whether to sell or hold your Kansas property. If you are on the fence about whether you are ready to sell or not, here are some tips to help you figure out your decision.

Are tenants becoming an issue?
Part of the landlord process is prospecting and dealing with tenants. Most tenants are quite easy to work with and will not be a problem. Unfortunately, a good portion of Kansas landlords end up with tenants who will destroy their property, constantly request maintenance, or complain about the cost of rent and utilities, despite having signed an agreement.

Are you tired of making repairs?
One of the biggest problems that causes many landlords to sell their properties is the constant need to make costly repairs. Any and all properties will have its fair share of issues and will need a little TLC. However, if a house is older or in poor condition it may need maintenance much more frequently. You could hire a maintenance company to help you keep the property in shape, but oftentimes these types of services can be very expensive. If you are running into this problem, consider selling.

Other things to consider.
Some other problems that you may run into or may have already run into may may include tenants that are a nuisance to the neighbors and other tenants, or worst of all, having a tenant that does not pay the rent on time or at all. It can be extremely difficult to manage troublesome tenants and it can be even more difficult to legally evict them. If you have run into these problems and are tired of dealing with them, it may be time to sell.

Additionally, the lack of tenants may be another huge problem. Vacancy is a consideration that all Kansas landlords should make when buying a property. When a landlord is unable to find and retain tenants for an extended period of time, the point of owning that property becomes questionable. Many times, a landlord may have a very hard time selling a property with tenant issues. However, there are professional home buyers like Max Home Cash that will buy your Kansas property “as is” with no contingencies.

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Quite often investors are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.”

Pros And Cons Of Selling Your Home To A Real Estate Investor.

By Monte Mohr, Zillow Contributor Group

Sell my house fast.

There’s no easier or faster way to sell your Kansas house than with Max Home Cash.

Option 1

List your house on the market with a Kansas real estate agent: From listing to cash in hand usually takes 45-90+ days to sell, many inconvenient open houses, fees, agent commissions, repairs, and uncertainty.

Option 2

Sell the house yourself (FSBO): You’re doing all the work the agent would do. This will save you a little bit of money but will ultimately cost you a tremendous amount of time. Typically dozens of hours with little to no results.

Sell for cash to Max Home Cash: Avoid the uncertainty of listing with an agent, get a same day cash offer, pick your closing date, no obligation to request or accept offer, and no need to do any repairs or cleanings. We buy Kansas houses that many agents and investors won’t touch.

Hundreds of people come to us in all types of situations, all for their own individual reasons for wanting to sell their Kansas house. We know what it’s like to feel boxed in with an uncomfortable property, to have to navigate a perplex sale process, and to feel stuck and burdened by an undesirable house.

At Max Home Cash, we buy Kansas properties in all conditions. If you need cash quickly, we can close in as little as 14 days because we buy houses with all cash and don’t have to rely on banks or financing.

Click here to discuss your Kansas house. →

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